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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> on the next talk to al jazeera >> oscar winner sean penn shares his views on privacy rights, press freedom and his controversial relationship with hugo chavez >> talk to al jazeera only on al jazeera america this is al jazeera. >> welcome to the news hour. from al jazeeraize news center in london, these are the top stories. israel suspends peace talks a day after rival groups agree to unite. >> in london with all the news from europe, including five antigovernment rebels that are killed in eastern ukraine, as kiev launch as new campaign against pro russia groups. and in germany, the formula 1 boss bernie eckleson begins his trial on bribery charges. >> a warm welcome for
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barack obama in japan, but the trade deal is keep to sign got a cooler reception. is the climbing season is effectively over. welcome to the program. israel has sus spented peace talk as day after the hamas factions agrees to unite. to mediate between the two sides. the talks are scheduled to end next tuesday, israel is angry, of the palestinian president decision to form a government with hamas which israel regards as a terrorist organization. al jazeera sent us this update. >> benjamin today called on emergency session of the security cabinet, and after six hours of deliberations behind closed doors they
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unanimously decided to suspend on going talks with the palestinians. israeli officials say that they were blind sided by the reconciliation agreement between hamas that was announced on wednesday. in fact, in the statement prime minister says instead of choosing peace, refers to palestinian president, formed an alliance with the murderous terrorist organization, that called for the destruction of israel in the statement, the israelis at said israel will respond to unilateral action with a series of measures. referring to possibly implementing more sanctions on the palestinian authority. says the packet with the u.s. kills peace. a giant leap backwards. the e.u. considers them a terrorist organization, so does many arab countries. anybody with eyes in their heads, these people
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are calling for the obliteration of the jewish state, engaged in terror campaigns for decades is are openly, openly calling for the killing of jews wherever you find them that's what the government says. the executive director, joins me live from washington, d.c. for this decision to pull out and suspend the peace talks should we have expected anything different from the israelis? >> no, there's no reason to be surprised at all, in fact the israelis jumped on the opportunity to really try to change the narrative around why these peace talks have fallen apart. of course, on the 29th of march, the israelis were supposed to release a group of palestinian prisoners in an agreement negotiated by secretary of state john kerry. and of course, after failing to do so, that's when as the secretary of
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state identified here in washington, a few weeks ago, that's the moment when these talks really began to fall apart. i think the frantic response is indicative of how damaging the perception of israeli responsibility for the failure of these talks really is. and i think it speaks to how worried they are about the international isolation that would follow. if, in fact, these talks do collapse, and it seems as they have, as many of us have expected, because of israeli instance gents. so in short, no, we should not be surprised by this. >> you have spoken about the israelis now the palestinians have said that reconciliation is an internal matter and that uniting the palestinians would reenforce the peace effort, but that's not the case, if they have nobody to talk peace with. >> the palestinians are
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not able to vote who makes it into the government, and they can't determine who the palestinians vote for to represent themselves. so both parties need to choose their own representatives in a legitimate fashion, and that when you have parties that are representative of the vast majority of stakeholders which really are involved in the outcome, then genuine negotiations have a much greater prospect of actually succeeding than trying to make a separate peace with a fraction of a fraction of the palestinian people, as has been the case. >> and you know there are -- go ahead. >> i was going to say, you talk about the stakeholders where does all of in leave the american effort to mediate these talks? this is clearly a big blow to u.s. secretary of state john kerry, who was
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effectively the point man on these talks. >> well, i think the -- the united states and particularly president obama, and the secretary of state need to take a moment to step back, look at the efforts that they have made, which were significant efforts, tremendous amount of engangment and time, and resources were invested. into the process over the past nine months and really question where they went wrong. and i think one of the major ways they did go wrong in the past several months is despite the investment that they spent, they continue the same sort of format of supporting israeli positions first, and then trying to push the palestinians to agree with those positions, instead of acting as a genuine mediator. and i think that if they step back, and evaluate at this point, realized how problematic that position actually was, then they can make some adjustments to perhaps play a better role.
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>> thank you for talking to al jazeera. >> thank you. now in syria, more than 30 people were killed when jets bombed a market. after taking over a syrian army post. the latest. >> activists are calling this a massacre. the bombs in this market in the village. >> instantly, turning it into a place of death, grief, and tears. >> the market was crowded at the time. the dead included women and children. >> many more were injured, the bloodied gown bring evidence of the conflict.
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although al jazeera cannot independently verify the footage to the south and the country side, rebel forces claim advances. despite the oppositions fighters from the front, a group of powerful rebel brigades and free syrian army fighters say they are in control of the israeli occupied building. it is near a base north as brigade 61. >> this rebel commander says his forces have seized heavy weapons and vehicles from government troops that were based here. it could be some good news for the rebels but elsewhere, the advancements of the president's forces is continuing. al jazeera. meanwhile the secretary general has accused both sides of blocking aid. they say neither said
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has -- the deeply wided discusser count to take action against what he calls the violation of international law.
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compound heard thethe attack. >> i heard gunfire, then i was told that three foreigners were shot dead. >> committed to serve the people. of afghanistan. >> one of those killed was a pediatrician that had been working in the hospital for seven years. >> they were not carrying guns they did not have military uniforms. they came here under immense pressure, this was an inhumane attack, and unfortunately it will impact our health service. >> the motive for the attack is not yet known. but they are already been a number of attacks against civilians this year. >> a photographer was killed and another
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journalist injured after being shot by a police officer earlier this month. as afghan forces gradually take over control of security, these types of attacks appear to show no sign of ending. a new report of malaysi malaysia's strain that may been linked from monkeys to humans. look to reach their first european final in over a decade. coming up later in the program. you crane's army has relaunch add major push. more on that story from lauren taylor, in our european news center, lauren, back to you. >> darren, thank you.
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the interior ministry says five armed men were killed. it happened as they tried to regain control of several towns. barn biphillips has this report. >> on the edge, these pictures apparently show ukraine's army, doing something new, going on the offensive against pro russian separatists. they advance, and take over a roadblock that has been abandoned by the separatists. >> and the skies above, ukrainian helicopters but on the ground, it is still the separatist gunman who are very much in control. and at least some seem grateful. >> it is just not possible to live with this government. that has passed these kinds of law. i don't know, people say you don't love ukraine, my dear, everyone who was born here, loves ukraine, but that doesn't mean you love the policies. >> but the attack, never comes. and by mid afternoon, pro
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russians have taken back their check points. so, another day of hesitation, and confusion. although the government in kiev continues to talk tough. we demand the federation stopper and fearing in stop permanent threats and move troops back from the eastern boarder. take orders are to fight what the called terrorist, but not hurt civilians. s that a difficult job. in the nearby town, a family in shock. they are mourning a politician who campaigns against plow russian separatists, they say he was tortured before he was murdered. >> but the graveside, this man blamed vladimir putin. he calls him the
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aggressor, who is trying to take over ukraine, both sides here have now lost loved ones and the danger is that with so much fear, and hatred, and suspension in the air, the momentum towards further violence will only increase. it's the national anthem, they are sung in sorrow. today they have a martyr. and they are stealing themselves from more to come. barn by phillips al jazeera. in year ukraine. >> russians president has threatened consequences if it uses it's army against promos cow groups in the east. vladimir putin says russia will respond if it's interests come under attack.
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then it is without doubt a very serious crime against it's own people. >> everything we have seen now in year ukraine, would have been the same in crimea, had we not taken stern measures to defend the interest of is people. peter sharp maz more from moscow. >> a day of fast moving developments in year ukraine, which prompted the russian defense minister, to announce the beginning of yet another military exercise, on the border with ukraine. this time, in the south and west of russia. this is the second exercise deployment, in 48 hours. yesterday, troops were masked around also near the border, with ukraine. the defense min industry says this was in response to the build up of a nato exercise, which is going on in poland, and some other areas on the eastern europe, and also it says the presence in eastern ukraine of the
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ukrainian military machine. this was about 11,000 troops a couple of hundred tanks, many army personnel carriers and mobile mortars and the squadron, of aircraft. while that exercise got underway, of course vladimir putin was warning of real consequences. if the forces tried to attack, or fire on, the russian separate forces in the east of ukraine. ukraine has given moscow 48 hours near the boarder, but kiev is also it has stronged links with moscow, and it had a border with ukraine, which is stepping up security, over fears that weapons and ammunition are being smuggled in. david is in this report.
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the guards have now sandbagged their positions. and are carrying full ammunition on their bets. they are concerned that provock tiers prorussian separatists attempting to infiltrate, and reach just a short drive from year. >> we are carrying out more thorough checks on the people who are crossing the border, and if someone can explain the reason for visiting ukraine, we are turning them back. they were on their way to ocongestion a. field catches for the reservist called up to strengthen the security are now in position at the border crossing. both moscow say kiev is effectedly mounting an economic blockade of the break away state. >> a european union border monitoring mission
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and now staked at this post, 24 hours a day. cheh claim they are independent and says there is no evidence of a block said. >> it is normal, and we haven't on sevenned any delays. >> on the side of the border, a senior member of what they still call the kgb here, took us up a watch hour tower, to find out what he said are recently endivorced sniper position. he strongly refuted what he called the black propaganda, being spread. >> it is a myth. ammunition, drugs and human trafficking. that case when the ukrainians seed bullets coming from here was laughable. it was a set one the cameras there ready to roll. it was just a provocation. this farmer exports apples to the middle
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east, and much of the equipment has to be imported. >> i'm not sure what is causing the delays but some of our partners are already demanding 100% advance payments. due to the troubles in ukraine and that's a problem for us. back with more from europe, let's go back to darren. >> lauren, thank you. now divers in south korea have retrieved 171 bodies of the wreck of a ferry disaster. rescue teams are still searching for 130 still missing and believe trapped. the son juan high school has been a shrine is to the dead. students have returned
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for the first time, since a ferry accident took so many of their classmates. the yellow rib bins now firmly a site, carry messages of love, and hope, for the victims the the families. >> i am a parent who has brought up my child, i feel sorry i could not protect them. i pray they are at peace. >> but the national sorrow is also punning chew waited by fury. relatives of the missing surround the coast and oceans and fisheries minister, demanding answers. there is zillion no official word of what caused the ferry to lift and then sink. local media speculates the ship may have been carries three times it's cargo limit, others say an inexperienced ships officer was at the helm. the captain and crew members are in custody. >> they ignored the vizs
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of those hundreds of children calling out for rescue as they were busy protecting their minister, their boss from criticism. and the minister ran away. s this a government or what? >> more than 700 divers are at the site of the wreck. their task become harder by the day, as they try to break through cabin walls to find bodies. and with each recovery, more harrowing details reveal the final moments of those that had their life jackets tied together, and others found in the fetal position to stay warm. >> there's now the sensitive issue of when cranes can be deployed to cut up and raise the submerged vessel. the families say they don't want such efforts to end, just yet.
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the u.s. president as part of a regional tour, besides pushing the trade deal, obama also backed with a dispute in china, but beijing insists that it owns the islands in the east china sea. stephen clements is the washington editor at large in the atlantic magazine, he says that president obama was far too optimistic about the deal being signed because of regional political and economic rivalries. >> the key thing in asia is obviously we all know that china is rising, and the connection between all of the countries that are engaged there and their manufacturing and export bases are all increasingly interwoven with each other. and greatly embedded in china. and countries like japan
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worried. so the united states has come in with it's own trade promotion deal, which has a lot of look of being a strategic deal, not just an economic deal to sure up those economies and tie them more deeply into the united states economy, so that they don't grow too far. so this is both an economic deal, and a strategic deal. south sudan has thrown out charges against four political. seven others loyal to former vice president reck ma char were released in january. as part of peace efforts the group was arrested in desks shortly after he was sat. south sudan policy consultant, at enough project, she joins us live from new york. south sudan has met demand by freeing these four political prisoners. do you think this mean that the president is on the back foot? >> i don't think he is necessarily on the back
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foot. i think that this is actually a very smart decision on his part so release these detainees has a sign of good faith to push negotiations forward which are set to resume. what does all of this say about the fault erring peace process? is this a concession that could move this conflict towards a more robust peace deal? i think that would be ideal if you could have not only political negotiations between his -- the on six leader former vice president. but also if you can have the 11 din trainees as a third party in negotiations that represent broad political interests from a a variety of ethnic groups that would actually be a really positive development in the negotiations.
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the move also comes at the same time that he removed the chief of general staff, who is an ethnic, and was largely seen as a figure that united the army across ethnic lines. so i think we have seen a positive development, and a potentially. >> you talk about the ethnic dimensions there, some on servers say that increasingly, this conflict is being fought along ethnic lines would you agree? >> that quickly disintegrated into an ethnic conflict, mobilizing their bases. using ethnic base rhetoric, we have now heard reports of fm
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radio, broadcasting hate speech when the rebels took back control just last week. and we are seeing increasingly devastating revenge attacks from one group against the other. it is a very dangerous cycle that requires the international community before this escalates any further. >> just teen, just a final thought before you go, what about regional solutions to the problem is is should there be a wider force to help people on the ground? >> i think absolutely that would be a positive development, two countries in particular that are very well respected and are seen as primarily neutral in this conflict, are ethiopia and kenya. and if there could be some sort of an a.u. u.n. force where these countries would be willing to support the peace keepers that are already on the ground,
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that could actually be a really positive development. this is a great possibility. >> thank you for talking to al jazeera. >> thank you. >> still to come on the program, a blow to washington's efforts to reboot middle east peace talks we will have a view from the u. on u.s.' decision to halt talks. from one of the worst gayment factory disasters the victims are remembered. and in sport, find out whether this man believes he will be the next coach of manchester united. more on that, stay with us. >> borderland long held beliefs... >> im really pissed off at the mexican government... >> give way to compassion... >> if you feel tired, would you turn around and come back? >> our teams find out first hand
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how treacherous the migrants journey can be. >> we make them take a trip of death >> it is heartbreaking when you see the families on top of the rail car borderland continues only on al jazeera america al jazeera america. we open up your world. >> here on america tonight, an opportunity for all of america to be heard. >> our shows explore the issues that shape our lives. >> new questions are raised about the american intervention. >> from unexpected viewpoints to live changing innovations, dollars and cents to powerful storytelling. >> we are at a tipping point in america's history! >> al jazeera america. there's more to it.
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>> welcome back.
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a quick reminder of the stories here. he says he will never negotiate with a palestinian government that includes hamas. after the factions agreed to unite, israel has nasus spented peace talks with the palestinians. ukraine's army has relaunched an aggressive military campaign to retake control of the eastern town.
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talks between the united states and japan on a massive trade deal involving ten pacific country have stalled. president obama is on a visit to japan, where he has backed tokyo in a territorial dispute with china. israel's decision to halt peace talks over the hamas unity deal, let's get some reaction from washington, d.c., has there been any official response yet from washington over israel's decision? >> well, we understand from the state department that the secretary of state did speak earlier on thursday with palestinian president, and reiterated that it is very disappointed with the decision to enter into this reconciliation deal. what we don't know, darren, is whether or not president abass was able to say to secretary of
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state's satisfaction, that the process would, in fact, continue based on the principles which the u.s. says needs to be respected and that includes a recognition of israel's right to exist, the renouncing of violence, as well as the acceptance and the endorsement of previous deals reached between the israelis and the palestinians. still in the middle of a afternoon briefing with the press spokesperson, and it's a very very difficult to find out whether or not these peace faulks still are underway even though israel says it's not going back to the table. >> yeah, even though the talks were close to collapse anyway, this would be a big blow to u.s. secretary of state john kerry, who was pretty much the point man on these talks so what happens now? >> well, as the moment, the special envoy who has been dealing with the hit east peace process, ambassador martin is stimin the region, he is still meeting with
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israeli and palestinian negotiators because they say they still have a long term commitment to try to reach a peace deal. what that is going to look like, and what might actually combat together to talk about these issues is very much the big question at this hour. one thing the administration is not -- and by extension the united states that is making the mistake by excluding. from any sort of long term peace talks. it's a very difficult, very nuance discussion that is underway. but certainly the u.s.' view at this moment, is that it doesn't think that all hope is lost. >> many of the guides are
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refusing to look. talks between the guides and government, have also failed, let's talk to nick offer of the dark summit, the two story of everetts most controversial season. joins us live from santa fe, in the u.s. state. good to have you on the program. this strike by the then lebanese she were pas is pretty unprecedented. but the truth is that the ship pas take the risks, they don't get the pay, for years they have died trying to get fee paying climbers up and down the mountain, yet they remain the unsung heros that's largely true. an enormous amount of the workload, and they only get a fraction of the pay. >> by shaying they are paid more than an average
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wage, but that's peanuts anyway, so who is making all the money, because it certainly isn't the they are pas that are taking the risks. >> she were pas. >> you know, a majority of the funds are going into the pockets of the then lebanese government. certainly the western operators are making some money. it is with the that pal government, they have issue add list of demands. what they are asking for is not an increase in wages but an increase in benefits. they want more compensation, they want accidental democrat insurance, they want rescue insurance, they want to feel like they are being taken care of and supported. >> if the climbing season is called off, what's likely to be the wider impact of this in terms of tourism in that pal. because it depends on people coming in to climb the mountains.
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>> . >> keep in mind, that most of the people that are there for the everest climbing season, are already there, so the hotels and the businesses and on the way up to the kumud, they are going to see some of that business still this year. if the closure happens i think it is only going to be temporary, and hopefully it will provide an opportunity for the that pally officials to sit down and resolve this. that was ten years after another terrible tragedy. and then we this very public spat, involve the
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climber. is it time now for a rethink? about the commercialization and who should benefit from it. >> i think so, and in some ways you know, the everett bubble has burst, and this is a historic catastrophe, it's the single worst incident in the mountain's history. it has devastated families throughout the community. a lot of western climbers are effected as well. these are friends of a lot of climbers and outfitters. and i think this will be a real wake up call. i have a hard time believing that the business will go forward as business as usual. i think there will be serious changes after 24 year. >> thank you for talking to al jazeera. >> one of the west industrial disasters
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anywhere in the world. on how bangladesh is observing the anniversary. many of these men are rich garment factory owners. their part of an industry that is the backbone. but they are here today to pray for people that earn little more than 1 dollar as day. the workers inside the garment factory. when the building collapsed one year ago, and kills 1,129 garment workers. it was the late nest a series of disasters that struck the industry, and it appears the one that finally shocked owners into action. >> we take the responsibility until 18 years. this is our commitment and we need to take our commitment as well. >> to mark the anniversary of the disaster, the owners marched to the pacific
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hotel, 200 meters away. owners and international retail brands are under pressure to talk to family of victims and survivor ms. of whom no longer have an income. this event was also helped to publicize a fund that will hand out $640 to each victim of the collapse. two international labor organization is coordinating the efforts. >> this is just the first round of payments and more will be as claims are assessed. but it has taken an entire year for the money to start coming through, in the meantime, many f othose effected by the disaster have had to resort to begging and boar owing in order to get by. today he can no longer work because of mental health issues. >> a year may have passed
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since the disaster, but many who have been effected by it, say their problems still linger. al jazeera. >> they are so concerned that western companies are still not doing enough to increase safety inside their suppliers factories. let's go back to lauren with more on that, lauren, back to you. >> thank you, there's been protests outside the store of the clothing retailer gap here in london. one of several brands that have not signed up to the building safety for textile workers. >> this demonstration among others on what is being called an international day of action is intended in part to be a memorial for the victims of that disaster, but it is also a call by campaigners for retailers to do more to improve the standard in the factories in bangladesh, in which the clothes they sell are made. tell me, do you feel that retailers in this country and elsewhere, have lived up to the promises that
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they made a year ago? >> absolutely not. we are here at gap, because gap has refuse today sign the bangladesh ascored, which is a worker led agreement on fire and building safety. compensation levels are far far lower than they should be. it's a very serious situation. and they need to act. >> it's true, thatnd bras make an awful lot of money off the clothes that they are made cheeply. what do you think it will take for them for the big brands to should terrorist organization responsibility? >> well, iny what forces them to act, is people in this country shaming them. and the workers themselves going out on strike. that's what moves things. but yes, these are multibillion dollars corporations and some of them haven't given a single penny to the workers who made those
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billions for them. >> some have not shoulders the share of the responsibility that they have much more campaigners say still needs to be done. >> denies bribery charges at the start of his trial in munich. he is accused of giving a $45 million bribe to a german banker to ease the sale of a stake. bernie eckleson will have is to get to used this, he will have to attend court every week for four months. >> he is facing serious charges, that he paid a $44 million bribe to a german banker. >> so that the shares
2:43 pm
would be sold to an investor. in court the indictment was read out. and then, the defense lawyers went on the offensive saying the alleged bribe has not occurred. and that the statements made leading to the charges were incorrect, misleading and incoherence. >> he is already in jail for corruption. >> this is not the first trial that he has had to face, but probably the most serious one. if guilty he could go to jail, something he has ruled some would say is with a rod of iron, for almost 40 years. >> today, he oversees a global business with an
2:44 pm
annual turn over of $1.6 billion. as long as the cash kept rolling in most were happy to have him in charge. some in the sport are saying what until recently was pure hear say, that guilty or innocent, bernie's reign as the head of formula 1 may finally be coming to an end. al jazeera, munich. lauren, thank you. time for another short break, when we come back, all the sport including the world'd most successful olympian, tells us what is driving him to make a come back, more on that, stay with us.
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china is pollution a huge brock in china, and recent reports suggest up to half a million people die from smog every year. it's the first change to the law that was introduced 25 years ago. the u.s. food and drug at ministration has proposed a ban on the sale of e cigarettes. the law would not restrict flavors products ortizing. the first time the $2 billion e cigarette industry has faced
2:47 pm
federal regulations. for 75 days. now a deadly strain has made the leap from monkeys to humans and is causing wide concern in malaysia. once every two months visitors give blood sample. it's part of a study on malaria. >> i thought to myself, i am going to die if this cannot be treated. >> which mostly exists -- hence the name monkey me larry yeah. and then bite as human. the first natural infection in human was reported in the 1960's.
2:48 pm
be uh the cases were ex-freely rare. they are becoming more common, with the parasite being the main cause of malaria cases in hospitals. that has made it easier for the parasite. it jumps from animal to human. 80% and they are the most common nonhuman prime in southeast asia. the parasite is more dangerous, because it multiplies quicker than other parasites.
2:49 pm
under a micro scope, it looks very much like a less deadly parasite. and this misdiagnosis can be fatal. because of that, health workers now label cases thought to be also. >> but for people in rural areas, like cadam, the risk of getting reinfectioned is high. i know i can still get 345 larry yeah, because i go to the jungle from time to time, and also to the farm. >> the only way to make sure the cases are not fatal is by educating the population. and prompt treatment. florence lee, al jazeera, malaysia. >> all right, time for sport now. >> thank you very much.
2:50 pm
photo munich crowd. surprisingly, considering a club of their statue, they haven't won a trophy in europe, since 1996. which clenches the title just last week. the finals still far away, they are still two legs to play, too very difficult legs against the team that will be everything to come to play the final. and take away a big victory from us, and that will be a very special night. >> it will be a beautiful dual between two excellent teams. in my opinion, the two stronger teams in the league. the first game will not decide anything, the second is the one that will.
2:51 pm
we are ready for a complicated dual. >> antonio -- he is one of the many that have been touted as a possible replacement as manchester united manager. the tortman boss is leaving his options open. to the united job, he didn't rule himself out of contention. saying he is waiting to be approached by united so hasn't had to consider his options. >> i think it is great, but i am still really happy here. there are around 1,000 reasons i like working here, and it is more important. that all those involved have to have the feeling that i am the right coach of this team. as long as that is the case, i don't have to think about anything else. he is confident the world cup will be a success, dismissing concerns over security, and unfinished
2:52 pm
work. on the ground in brazil is secretary general. which will host four games the stadium still hasn't been officially opened and wasn't too happy what we saw earlier. all the ability or all the facilities from the airport, into the city from the airport to the stadium, all of these at least would be ready for the world cup. the final position has been made on how many will be built for their tournament. responding to reports that they have already decided to reduce the numbers of venues from 12 to eight. because of cost concerns and delayed. a proposal will be submitted in desks with approval expected early next year. >> crews have won the con calf champions league
2:53 pm
that's the biggest club title and north and central american football. taking on -- after the first leg have finished goalless, this effort from mariano, a prove decisive. they did manage an equalizer, but crews will take the trophy on away goals they will now represent the region at the club world cup at the end of the year. the victory was his six hundred eighty-third in the opener rah, which draws level of the great in 11th place in the record books. there were also wins for the fourth seeded and nicholas. he has failed to record a top three finnish the last three years.
2:54 pm
he hit four birdies and an eagle to finish on 5 under par. his proud of 67 was equaled bison who won this event back in 2000, both are one shot clear. i only missed two greens all day. so i hit 16 greens. yo lu give yourself a lot of birdie chances and a lot of chances and i took a few, and so -- it's been letting me down, really has been my own play. but it was pretty good today, and i putted nicely. >> yeah, i have been playing very well all day long. just a couple of holes have been more away of the long shots. but in general, it is good. >> the nba playoffs continue on thursday, on wednesday, the top seeded san antonio suffers a set back, the spurs were beaten by the dallas mavericks to leave that series at one game apiece. the win ended a ten game losing streak for dallas
2:55 pm
against the spurs. this is also dallas' first playoff victory since june 2011. when the mavericks went on to win the nba titles. >> i was always dreaming about that, that some day i can achieve something great, in this league. and first here was always hard, coming from europe, i didn't speak english a lot, difficult, and it was a lot of tough times for me. >> now patrick kane looks to have come at the perfect time for the black hawks. cane scoring twice, the nhl playoff series with the st. louis blues. cane missed the final 12 games of the regular season through injury, but looks to be back to his best scoring in overtime, as the black hawks won 4-3, the series now level at 2-2. in the western conference, the dallas stars top seeded anaheim ducks 4-2, coming back from two goals down,ner missing their captain,
2:56 pm
and without him, dallas leveled the series at two apiece. >> and instrumental in the columbus blue jackets one with goal, 4-3 victory over the pittsburgh penguins. running this shot through the defense to tie the game, with just 22 seconds remaining then in overtime, nick scores the winner for columbus that series also tied at 2-all. now the most successful olympian in history, michael phelps say putting on weight was a big part of his decision to return to swimming. he will compete in arizona later this thursday. he announced his retirement after the london olympics. the 28-year-old is getting back in shape, says he doesn't care if the come back damages his legacy. >> no one is forcing me to do this or that the, i am doing it because i want to. i want to be back in the water, and i think a lot -- for me going into
2:57 pm
2012 with it was hard, there were a lot of ups and downs, and it was very challenging, at times to get motivated, but i think this is just -- like i said, i can't say enough, i am having fun. >> that's the sport, more later. >> all right, see you then. we will leave you with a story that may give you a sinking feeling. a world record for base jumping off the tallest building, check this out. there they go. jumped head first off the verge in dubai with their cameraman, look at that, 828 meters above the city. the start from the very highest point, they are completely mad. the multiple world championships are pioneers of the sport, and say it is a dream control true, after three years of hard training. >> more news at the top of the hour, thank you for watching al jazeera,
2:58 pm
bye for now.
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3:00 pm
>> two hours in, we came up on a body... >> this country is crazy have problems with somebody...they him them. >> knowing this is the kind of violence that is so prevalent in the culture...are you telling me that's ok to just open up the borders and let em' all run into the united states? >> the good news is , is that you'll be coming home soon...